Strategic Plan 2017 - 2022

The Otago Community Trust has introduced a new Strategic Plan which sets out the direction for the Trust over the next five
years. Our plan has been developed to guide the Trust into the future, as we endeavour to work together with our communities and key stakeholders to invest in, assist with and facilitate opportunities for the benefit of Otago.

Our strategic plan has been developed in careful consideration of the current economic environment, it is mindful that we are a Trust in perpetuity and that we need to be wise and prudent in our philanthropic decisions.

Our new focus is underpinned by our aspiration to become a more strategic grant maker. We foresee a need to take a proactive approach; both contributing to, and leading discussions in collaborative initiatives. We wish to actively work with others to support projects of a greater scale and impact for the communities of Otago. It’s important to note however, that the Trust will continue to support the wide range of community initiatives and projects that contribute to the fabric of grassroots Otago.