Now you have your grant approved

Te Tiki i Tō Pūtea

Picking up your grant

You will receive notification of the Trust's decision by email and you will find the Letter of Offer in the Otago Community Trust Portal.

You will need to login to Otago Community Trust Portal to find the Letter of Offer. You will find the Letter of Offer under the Grants Approved section on the left hand menu.

It is important to note that each approved grant may have specific conditions associated with them.  For example, all grantees will need to accept the Standard Terms and Conditions of Otago Community Trust. However, additional conditions may also apply.

You now need to upload the signed Otago Community Trust 'Letter of Offer' and provide confirmation you have met any conditions associated with your grant.

Payment will be made after you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the grant, and you have met any special conditions of the grant if appropriate.

Picking up your Grant Guide

To help you pick up your grant upon approval you can download our Picking up your Grant guide below:


Acknowledging our grant

It is helpful for the people of Otago to know where Otago Community Trust funding is being spent in their communities.  By using the Trust's logo and recognising our funding, people can see how the Otago Community Trust has supported different community projects.

This may also have the effect of encouraging other community groups to apply to us. 

We understand that quite often we are not the only funder and that it is a combined effort. We want you to use our logo if appropriate, in the best way suitable for your project, service and or programme.  

Ways in which you can acknowledge our grant can be found on the Acknowledgement & Brand Guide page. 

Accountability reporting

The Trust would like to know how your project went, and importantly how your project contributed to making your community a better place to live, work and play.

You will receive a notification email when your Accountability Report is due back to the Trust, this will be normally 12 months after your grant was awarded/approved. You may complete your Accountability Report before this automatic reminder is sent if appropriate.

You will need to login to the Grants Portal to complete your Accountability Report. 

Questions in the Accountability Report include how the grant from the Trust helped you to achieve your purpose and the ways in which the wider community has benefited from the grant.

The Trust will require financial statements that relate to the year in which you received the grant. If the project expenditure is not clearly shown in your financial statements please supply appropriate invoices.

Please note that from time to time the Trust may undertake formal evaluation of some projects and you may be involved. We will contact you if this is the case. 

Remember we are here to help so if you are unsure how to complete your accountability, please contact us on 0800 10 12 40 or email

Completing Your Accountability Guide

To help you complete the accountability requirements you can download our Completing Your Accountability Guide