Capital Project Grants

Otago Community Trust provides grants for large capital projects (greater than $50,000) that are of benefit to Otago. These projects are often of regional significance and build greater community connection.

What we look at:

  • Does the capital project have clear support from either local or regional stakeholders?
  • Does your organisation have strong governance capability to undertake the project and does it have controls in place to manage the grant?
  • What difference will your capital project make to the wider community?

Funding will be prioritised for projects that align with the Trust’s funding pillars and criteria. Review our funding pillars and criteria under the What We Fund section.

If your organisation is applying for over $100,000 please contact our Grants team on 0800 10 12 40 before starting an application so we can understand your project better and talk you through what will be required. 

Key information to consider before applying:

  • Your budget includes an adequate contingency to deal with unexpected ground conditions (particularly if geotechnical investigations have not yet been undertaken or there is some uncertainty as to what might be found when works commence).
  • Your budget also includes a contingency to deal with other matters such as asbestos removal, unforeseen repairs and upgrades required before the project can commence.
  • You have an accurate assessment of costs of the project, from a Quantity Surveyor for example and whether you are using an adequate and complete scope of works to obtain cost estimates.
  • You are relying on non-binding cost estimates or whether you have you obtained robust quotes from service providers.
  •  You have recognised all aspects of the project, such as kitchen fit out, painting and decorating etc.
  • You have built in building escalation provisions into your quotes and estimates, which are often only valid for a certain period to adequately recognise a realistic project completion timeframe. The Otago wide construction boom means that construction costs are continuing to rise each quarter.  You need to consider in your application how such cost escalations will be funded if works commence later than first thought.
  • You have considered the time frame to gain all funding required to complete the project.  Please note that the Trust’s expectation is that any funding offer will be used for the project purpose within 12 months from the date of the original grant offer unless an extension has been approved.
  • You have correctly estimated the time it will take to obtain the necessary resource consents and therefore the timeframe in which works can commence.

Please note that the Otago Community Trust will only consider an additional grant to cover increased costs in very exceptional circumstances therefore we urge all applicants to ensure that the above matters are well considered in your application.