Outlined below are links to relevant research & publications which may assist Otago not for profits in their work. 


A survey of Aotearoa New Zealand’s community sector on the impacts of COVID‐19

This report details the findings of a survey of Aotearoa New Zealand’s tangata whenua, community and voluntary sector in May-June 2020 on the impacts of COVID-19 (as recorded in Levels 2 and 1 of lockdown).

The research is a partnership between the Centre for Social Impact, Hui E! Community Aotearoa, Philanthropy New Zealand, and Volunteering New Zealand.


Volunteering in New Zealand - State of Volunteering 2020

Volunteering New Zealand is actively involved in conducting research and disseminating material to promote, support, encourage, and represent volunteering in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Volunteering New Zealand’s State of Volunteering Survey explores the volunteering landscape in New Zealand, providing an annual and useful snapshot that can be used to develop effective short and long term strategies.


Impact for Otago Youth - A Scoping Report for the Otago Community Trust

Otago Community Trust has long identified youth development as a priority funding area for our region. Over time, our focus on youth has developed, refined and evolved, and in 2017 we positioned Youth Health, Wellbeing and Employment as a key Funding for Change strategic priority.

In early 2019, we commissioned Mātāwai Consultancy and Gemma Griffin Consultancy to undertake research into the sector.

We hope our Impact for Otago Youth report provides you with valuable insights into how we may fund change and improve the wellbeing of our youth in the future.

Impact for Otago Youth - A Scoping Report for the Otago Community Trust


Overview Paper on the State of Volunteering in New Zealand

April 2017: Volunteering New Zealand (VNZ), with the Department of Internal Affairs’ support, formed a reference group in December 2016 to develop an overview paper on the state of volunteering. The paper touches on issues, opportunities, and broad areas for supporting volunteers and volunteer involving organisations.



State of the State New Zealand 2017

April 2017: State of the State New Zealand 2017 looks at the challenges we face and investigates what policies can be developed now to ensure we stay fit for the future.

State-of-the-State-NZ 2017


Grant Spend in Otago 2015 

March 2016: A review of grant making into the Otago Community Trust region for 2015.



State of the State New Zealand 2016

May 2016: Social Investment for our future. The State of the State is a review of the government's financial position, and the implications for public policy in New Zealand.



Giving New Zealand

2014: Philanthropic Funding 2014. This report measures philanthropy in New Zealand during 2014 – that is, how much money New Zealanders and their organisations gave to charitable and other community purposes. It updates Giving New Zealand 2011, which measured philanthropy in New Zealand in 2011.



Out in the Cold 

2014: A survey of low income private rental housing in Dunedin 2013. Published by Presbyterian Support Otago.



Learning in the Arts

2010: The contributions of learning in the arts Part 1 - A review of literature. Report prepared for the Ministry for Culture and Heritage
by Rachel Bolstad - New Zealand Council for Educational Research

Learning in the Arts