Our Strategic Plan

Tā Mātou Rautaki

Otago Community Trust introduced a new strategic plan from 1 April 2022 which sets out the direction for the Trust over the next five years. Our plan has been developed to guide the Trust into the future, as we endeavour to work together with our communities and key stakeholders to invest in, assist with and facilitate opportunities for the benefit of Otago.
Our strategic plan has been developed in careful consideration of the current economic environment, it is mindful that we are a Trust in perpetuity and that we need to be wise and prudent in our philanthropic decisions.
In the video below we provide a little more insight into our new strategic plan and what it means for our communities.


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Our Vision 

Otago communities are vibrant and resilient, and protective of people, heritage and environment.

Our Values

  • We are accessible, transparent and driven to make a difference;
  • We are resilient, courageous and act with integrity, respect and prudence, valuing strong relationships;
  • We are committed to the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi;
  • We show leadership, wisdom and empathy.

Our Drivers

To achieve our vision, we will utilise the following drivers:

  • FUNDING - Empower communities to realise their potential and goals.
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT - Balance the interests of current and future generations by preserving capital and maximising granting.
  • ORGANISATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS - Ensure we have effective processes and resources to achieve our purpose.

Our Funding Pillars

From 1 April 2022 our funding decisions are focused on our new Funding Pillars which represent our four strategic focus areas of granting.

Our old Funding for Change strategic priorities of Warm Homes, Youth Health, Wellbeing and Employment and Regionally Significant Cycle Ways will phase out and form part of our new funding pillars.

You can find the funding priorities and criteria under each of our new funding pillars below:

Communities are strong, vibrant and resilient. They collaborate and share ideas and resources. They support volunteers and volunteering initiatives.


We will support community projects that: 

Encourage collaboration, support volunteers, celebrate community connection and social responsibility.

Our funding will support organisations that: 
  • Bring communities together to develop greater social connection and celebrate identities;
  • Provide access to participate in community activities;
  • Encourage community pride and resilience; seek to protect our cultural heritage, and / or natural environment;
  • Support capability building.

People have access to health and welfare services and are able to participate in recreation and leisure activities.


We will support community projects that: 
  • Positively impact on the health and wellbeing of Otago’s residents, particularly the most vulnerable.
Our funding will support organisations that: 
  • Provide equity of access to services and opportunities for people to participate in cultural, recreational & leisure activities which improve physical and mental health & wellbeing;
  • Empower communities to lead their own solutions and improve systems.

All are valued for the contribution that they make. The region has a thriving economy that directly contributes to inclusive growth.


We will support community projects that: 
  • Provide economic benefits and/or employment opportunities particularly to rural or isolated communities
Our funding will support organisations that: 
  • Provide economic benefits and/or employment opportunities;
  • Work towards equal opportunities and access to equitable outcomes.

All children and young people in Otago are valued, accepted and empowered to lead fulfilled lives. They are healthy, happy and their wellbeing is nurtured.


We will support community projects that: 
  • Raise resilience and capacity of Children and Young people, particularly those adversely affected by discrimination, disadvantage or exclusion.
Our funding will support organisations that: 

Work with children and young people to:

  • Increase social equity and reduce disadvantage, discrimination &/or exclusion;
  • Enhance opportunities for participation.
  • Support capability programmes for groups working with children and young people.
  • Develop youth-led initiatives

Our Priority Communities

Otago Community Trust has identified that some groups within the community are more likely to confront barriers to getting equitable funding. Trustees therefore may prioritise its funding to the following priority communities with the aim to address the inequities they experience:

  • Children and Young people
  • Māori
  • Pasifika
  • Former refugees
  • New migrants
  • Rainbow communities
  • Those experiencing mental health issues
  • People living with a disability, rurally or in isolation, and
  • Those facing hardship

Download Our Strategy

Our Strategic Plan is a road map developed to support our vision. You can download our one page strategy summary below:

Our Strategic Plan

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