Partnership Grants

The Trust is interested in advancing strong strategic relationships and will seek opportunities to support discretionary multi year grants.
Discretionary multi year grants are by invitation only.

Otago Community Trust Partnership | Multi-Year Grants

Otago Community Trust advanced its commitment to provide long term multi-year grant in April 2019. It was at the time and remains a significant shift for the Trust, as multi-year funding can have significant cost implications for grantmakers. However, trustees remain committed to taking a proactive funding approach and in areas deemed appropriate becoming a more strategic grant maker. 

Multi-year grants are only available to those organisations that are well established and are able to demonstrate that they have: consistent and best practice delivery, robust governance and leadership, alongside sound financial management.

You are welcome to contact our team to learn more about partnership | multi-year grants.

2019 Partnership | Multi-Year Grant Recipients

Methodist Mission Southern


Presbyterian Support Otago


Anglican Family Care


Otago Youth Wellness Trust



2020 Partnership | Multi-Year Grant Recipients

Methodist Mission Southern


2021 Partnership | Multi-Year Grant Recipients

Dunedin Symphony Orchestra


Transition to Work Trust


Cromwell Youth Trust