Make a Bequest

The Trust accepts donations and bequests to its Fund from organisations and from individuals. The Trust is a suitable and convenient vehicle for individuals who wish to contribute a legacy for the benefit of the people of Otago, either during their lifetime or following their death. Donations to the Trust are also a practical option for organisations which are winding up and are required to distribute the surplus consistent with their rules.


Every consideration will be given to the wishes of the donor and specific terms will be agreed on for managing and distributing any proposed donation, consistent with the Trust's investment and donations policies. For taxation purposes, the Trust is an approved donee organisation, where individuals, Maori authorities and companies can claim a tax deduction for donations made to the Trust. Interested persons can communicate with the Chief Executive of the Otago Community Trust to discuss their ideas

Areas Your Gift May Support

  • Education: Including support of school and tertiary projects.
  • Health and community welfare: Including care of infants, children, senior citizens, people with disabilities, health and medical services, victims of abuse and violence, and community amenities.
  • Sport and recreation: Including leisure activities, hobbies and pastimes.
  • Art and culture: Including performing and visual arts.
  • Heritage and environment: including historic preservations, flora and fauna.
  • Special events: Including celebrations and festivals.

Adjusting Your Will

If you would like to make the most of this opportunity to help, we suggest you use the following words to legally ensure a legacy from your Will:

‘I give to the Otago Community Trust for donation purposes the sum of ($) or (the residue of my estate) and the receipt of an authorised officer of the Trust shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for my trustees and executors.