Kaitangata's community hall now complete

  • 12-Jul-19
  • Funding Stories

The town of Kaitangata has yet another reason to be proud, and had a chance to celebrate on Sunday. Following 8 years of hard work, and more than $1 million of fundraising, a brand new community centre is now opening its doors to the public.

Kaitangata has had a wonderful resurgence over the last three years and the commitment from the community to revitalise the small town has been inspirational to see. A recently completed skate park and bike jump park have added to the amenities on offer and have helped make it a place for kids, teenagers and young people. All of these community led projects have built positive relationships within the small community and given it a new lease of life. The official opening of the new community centre is a fitting reward for a community that has worked hard to realise their dream. 

Otago Community Trust was pleased to support the group with their project in November 2016 with a initial $120,000 grant and a second grant of $50,000 in 2017. 
The group also received funding from the Lottery Grants Board, A J and M C Begg Charitable Trust, Alexander McMillan Trust and the Clutha District Council and are well supported by several other businesses and entities.

If you wish to read more about the projects bringing new life to "little old Kai", a comprehensive article was published by the ODT last week - Click HERE to read



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