COVID-19 Response Fund - Now Closed

Otago Community Trust has now closed off its COVID-19 Response Fund

Please note that while Otago Community Trust has formally closed the COVID-19 Response Fund, the Trust is still open to support community organisations to cope through the crisis via our normal Community Grants programme.

We appreciate that the community sector and community organisations will for a prolonged period still be impacted and face significant challenges due to the ripple effects of COVID-19. All community groups are welcomed and encouraged to speak to us about how we might be able to help support community organisations during the coming months. 

Applications to Otago Community Trust 

  • All funding requests are now asked to submit applications through the online Grants portal. 
  • If there is an urgency regarding your application then please speak to us first before applying.
  • Applications will now be considered on a monthly basis in the same manner as our regular granting activity.
  • A request for a brief accountability report including receipts for purchases if applicable, may be made at the time the grant is awarded or subsequently. 



Approved COVID-19 Response Fund Grants

Otago Community Trust COVID-19 Response Fund Grants - 30 July 2020


Central Otago District Council



Alexandra Community House



Alexandra Community House



Central Otago Budgeting Service



Clutha District Council



South Otago Free Kindergarten Assn



Otago Youth Wellness



Stopping Violence Dunedin



Dunedin City Council



Servants Health Centre



Dunedin Community Care Trust



Moana House



Connections Education & Development Centre



Te Hou Ora Whanau Services



Dunedin Community Mediation



Dunedin Budget Advisory Service



Mornington School



Work Opportunities Trust



Dunedin Friend-Link



Te Roopu tautoko kie te Tonga Inc



Dunedin Community House






Waitaki District Council



CCS Disability Action Waitaki



Oamaru Pacific Island Community Group Inc



Oamaru Pacific Island Community Group Inc



Cancer Society NZ



Aroha Ki Te Tamariki Trust






Able Charitable Trust









Ronald McDonald House



Brain Injury Assn



Methodist Mission






Cystic Fibrosis NZ



CCS Disability Otago



Anglican Family Care



Presbyterian Support



Salvation Army



Methodist Mission Southern



Methodist Mission Southern



LifeMatters Suicide Prevention Trust NZ



Disability Information Service Otago



Volunteering Otago



RMH South Island Trust



Queenstown Lakes District Council



Community Networks Wanaka