Our Funding Area

What Area Does Otago Community Trust Cover

The Otago Community Trust boundary area is principally the provincial district of Otago. West Otago, Queenstown and Arrowtown districts are outside our funding boundary. West Otago, Queenstown and Arrowtown districts fall within the funding area of the Community Trust South. For more information on the Community Trust South, click HERE.

A detailed boundary map is outlined below. 

Boundary Adjustment 2019/2020

Community Trust South and Otago Community Trust agreed an alteration to their common boundary, which is the northern boundary of Community Trust South. This boundary adjustment extends the Community Trust South area to include the portion of the Southland District up to Awarua Point in the north west and extend the area within Queenstown Lakes District to include the whole of the Queenstown Ward area. The agreed new boundary follows the current District and Ward boundaries between Awarua Point and Roaring Meg Creek. 


Otago Community Trust Boundary Map 2019

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Boundary Adjustment Order