2021 Annual Public Meeting

2021 Annual Public Meeting Highlights

In the 12 months to 31st March 2021, the Trust approved grants totalling $8.6 million and processed more than 390 applications from community groups all over Otago.

From a deficit of $17 million in 2020, the Trust ended the year with a $48.5 million surplus, having made a $57.9 million return on its investment for the year ending 31st March 2021.

Included below is a short 'highlights' video of the Annual Public Meeting for those who could not attend, if you wish to view the full Annual Public Meeting you can do so HERE

In recent years we have liked to highlight a number of grantee stories from across Otago at our Annual Public Meeting.  Please see below the four grantee stories we shared. 

A special thank you to Olivia Mathieson from Blessed Box, Nelson Ede and Peter Becker from New Zealand Curling, Rhys Smith from Cromwell Youth Trust and Lala Frazer from Save The Otago Peninsula - STOP- Inc Soc who featured in our grantee videos over the course of the evening. 

Blessed Box, South Otago 

Otago Community Trust was delighted to be one of the first funders to provide support to the newly established charitable trust ‘Blessed Box’ in December 2020. An $8,000 grant was awarded to support the newly established charity who are focused on trying to assist as many new mums as they can in the Clutha District.

View Blessed Box video HERE

New Zealand Curling

The Learn to Curl programme encourages and teaches young participants in the team sport of curling, along with the sports associated etiquette and values. This is undertaken in the Otago region from Dunedin through to the wider Central Otago Region. Otago Community Trust provides Regional Sport Development funding to assist with ice time at Ice in Line in Alexandra, the Maniototo Curling International in Naseby and the Dunedin Ice Stadium.

View the New Zealand Curling Learn to Curl video HERE

Cromwell Youth Trust

Cromwell Youth Trust support and advocate for local tamariki and rangatahi throughout Cromwell and surrounding areas. Otago Community Trust is privileged to be one of the many funders which provides support to Cromwell Youth Trust, allowing young tamariki and rangatahi in the Cromwell area to participate in quality youth lead initiatives.

View the Cromwell Youth Trust video HERE

Save The Otago Peninsula

 Save The Otago Peninsula - STOP- Inc Soc is a community based environmental group that actively undertakes habitat enhancement, advocacy and education for the unique biodiversity of the Otago Peninsula. Otago Community Trust was pleased to support STOP and all their dedicated team of volunteers in 2020 awarding a community grant to help with the purchase of new equipment and ensure conservation work on the Peninsula continues.

 View the STOP video HERE