Our Strategic Priorities


In 2013 the Otago Community Trust Board agreed to commit a percentage of the Trust’s annual grants budget to pro-actively support initiatives that will make a significant difference to the wellbeing of the Otago community.

The Trust has outlined that its priorities for 2020/ 2021 are as follows:

Warm Homes 

Since 2013, the Otago Community Trust has worked with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) and more recently with Cosy Homes Trust to help fund free insulation into qualifying households.

To date our investment into Warm Homes for Otago is nearly $4 million. The project has attracted over $10 million into the Otago region from all funders involved in OCT’s Warm Home programmes.

Working with Cosy Homes Trust, the region’s “one-stop shop” for warm and healthy homes information, resources and referrals and local insulation companies Smart Energy Solutions and Absolute Energy, over 3,500 houses in Dunedin and across Otago have been insulated to date.

Our commitment to Warm Homes has not changed in 2018/19, however new criteria has come into effect.

The Cosy Homes Trust website provides a good overview of these changes and local knowledge of who to contact for assistance. Click across to the Cosy Homes website HERE

Alternatively, to learn more about the new Warmer Kiwi Homes eligibility and criteria click across to the EECA website HERE

Youth Health, Wellbeing & Employment

The Trust has long identified 'Youth' as a priority funding area for our region. Over time, our focus on youth has developed, refined and evolved, and in 2017 we positioned Youth Health, Wellbeing and Employment as a key Funding for Change strategic priority.

In particular focusing on initiatives in the Education, Employment and Training space. Youth Health, Wellbeing and Employment is a particularly important Funding for Change priority for the Otago Community Trust. Investment in this area literally has the ability to change the lives of our young people. 

In our journey to become a more strategic grant-maker, we identified we need to work together with the youth sector to develop more in-depth knowledge about the challenges they face. In early 2019, we commissioned Mātāwai Consultancy and Gemma Griffin Consultancy to undertake research into the sector. We would like to thank everyone across the sector who shared their viewpoints, experiences and hopes for Otago youth

The ‘Impact for Otago Youth - A Scoping Report for the Otago Community Trust’ was undertaken to gain a clearer understanding of the current situation for youth in Otago to help inform our decision making.

We hope our ‘Impact for Otago Youth’ report provides you with valuable insights into who are young people are, what work is already happening that can be built on, where opportunities exist and where funding is best targeted.

To download and view the report click on the direct link below.

Impact for Otago Youth - A Scoping Report for the Otago Community Trust

2019 PDF 860 KB
We hope our Impact for Otago Youth report provides you with valuable insights into how we may fund change and improve the wellbeing of our youth in the future.

Regionally Significant Cycle Ways

The Otago Community Trust has supported the region’s cycle ways for many years in recognition that the cycle ways provide employment opportunities and economic benefits to the local communities they serve.

The Trust has supported the Central Otago Rail Trail and more recently the Alps to Ocean Rail Trail with significant grants to ensure trail maintenance is maintained and off road trail sections can be completed.

In October 2018 the Otago Community Trust was delighted to announce it would invest $1.8 million along with the New Zealand Government ($13m) and the Central Lakes Trust ($11.5m) to create a 536km continuous cycle trail to connect Central Otago’s trail network.

Soil was turned in Cromwell in early June to mark the start of work on the $6.6 million Lake Dunstan Trail – the first of 170 kilometres of new cycle trails to be developed by the Central Otago Queenstown Trail Network.Read News article HERE