Tama Tula’i (Raising Men)

26 Aug 2022

Funding Stories
Tama Tula’i is a Pasifika Wellness Programme Otago Boys’ High School introduced in 2021 to assist and help Pasifika students build positive working relationships both in and around school.
Peter Eaton, Otago Boys’ High Pasifika Dean, emphasises that the Tama Tula’i programme has been led by our Pasifika parent community.
“They see this as a key component for the delivery of a culturally safe and rich experience at OBHS.”
Rosalie Feleti-Ivala said that one of the key drivers behind this programme for the Pasifika parents was to ensure OBHS had a culturally responsive programme for our boys.
“As parents we saw a big gap in what the school was offering, and we wanted to change this for the better. It was important that we created an environment that fostered opportunities for personal growth and supported successful Pasifika learners.”
“We wanted our boys to be secure and confident in their identities and the feedback we have had to date shows this programme is working and the support from the school and Board of Trustees has been great.”
The Tama Tula’i health and wellbeing programme is open to all Pasifika students’ Years 9-13. The programme starts at 7am, Tuesday and Friday in the school gym. It starts with a traditional lotu (prayer) and then it's ‘game on’. The boys partake in a mixture of physical activity and fun games to get them switched on and ready for the day ahead.
Pelu Taele Pavihi, Programme Coordinator, explains a big focus for the students has been around learning more about their cultural identity and how to raise the profile of cultural awareness at Otago Boys’ High School.
“The programme was designed and developed to assist and help Pasifika students promoting wellness, self-awareness, wellbeing and providing an opportunity for students to build their self-confidence within and around school, identifying what life looks like for them as a young Pacific Ali’i/Tama.”
The students are encouraged to promote servant leadership within their peer groups and encourage the growth and development of new Pasifika students from the junior school.
Along with several other funders, Otago Community Trust provided a $10,000 grant to support Otago Boys’ High School extend the programme throughout the 2022 school year.
Tama Tula’i - Raising Men