Save The Otago Peninsula

8 Jun 2021

Funding Stories
Save The Otago Peninsula - STOP- Inc Soc is a community based environmental group that actively undertakes habitat enhancement, advocacy and education for the unique biodiversity of the Otago Peninsula.
Wild Dunedin's “Wild Hero 2020” and recipient of a Queens Birthday MNZM honour, Lala Frazer is one of the founding members of STOP and is currently one of the project managers behind the native plant revegetation project at Smiths Creek at the base of Hereweka Harbour Cone.
Otago Community Trust was pleased to support Lala and her dedicated team of volunteers in 2020 awarding a community grant to help with the purchase of new equipment and ensure conservation work on the Peninsula continues.
This video captures beautifully the amazing work being undertaken by STOP volunteers to establish and maintain what will be a “future forest” for generations to come.