Frequently Asked Questions on Tamariki and Rangatahi Funding

Kā Pākikihaka Tamariki and Rangatahi

General Fund Questions

Our Tamariki and Rangatahi Strategy is for 5 years from 2022-2027.

We haven’t been specific on how many years each of the funds will run for and that is intentional.

Things can change over 5 years and we want to be able to adapt and change our funding strategy to meet the region’s changing needs.

Our commitment to the strategy won’t change, and while we have a lot of confidence in how we have designed the funding, we are prepared to be flexible, learn as we go and listen to feedback.

The Impact for Tamariki & Rangatahi will be available from April 2022

The Tamariki & Rangatahi Sector Capability fund will be available from July 2022

The Rangatahi-Led Fund will be available from April 2023

Further information on each fund will be available on the website as the funds open.

The Impact fund will not have a closing date, information on the closing dates for the other two funds will be available closer to the time.

No, if you receive funding under one of the new Tamariki and Rangatahi Funds, you can still apply to our other grants for other aspects of your organisation.

Definitely. Part of our Community Engagement Advisor, Liz Harburg’s, role is to work alongside the sector, and where she sees opportunity for collaboration between organisations, she will work to bring the organisations together.

For the purpose for the strategy and funding, the Trust defines the age range as 0-24yrs.

Impact Fund Questions

Under the Impact Fund we expect to only fund a small number of innovative, game-changing projects that focus on improving outcomes for Tamariki and Rangatahi. These projects will be larger in dollar amounts than our usual granting and they will be multi-year.

The 2022 budget for the Impact fund is approximately $2million.

Our usual granting activity will continue for both projects that align with the Tamariki and Rangatahi Strategy and our other funding pillars. (Empowered communities, Improved health and wellbeing, Increased access to opportunities)

We expect that our funding for Impact Fund projects will either end or reduce significantly after the initial grant agreement.

An important part of the Impact Fund will be that the Trust will work closely with the funded organisations to help them plan for sustainability.

This may include supporting them to identify and report on their outcomes so they can advocate for sustainable funding from other sources and connecting them with other funders including government agencies.

Full details of the application process will be available on the website soon, but in short, organisations will submit a brief EOI and then may be invited to submit a full application to the Trust.

Trust staff will work alongside you through this whole process.

We expect the whole process will take at least 3 months, depending on how far along your project is. The Trust is committed to minimising formal barriers in our application process and we hope to make sure our decisions are as timely as possible.  

We have heard from the sector that you would like to see a less transactional relationship with the Trust and more of a partnership and we intend to apply this approach with our Impact Fund recipients and the Tamariki and Rangatahi sector in general.

What this looks like on the ground will likely be a little different for each grant and each organisation.

We expect that only a small number of applications will come through the Impact Fund, however if you do not qualify for the fund but have a project that aligns with the Tamariki and Rangatahi Strategy we encourage you to apply to our Community Response Grants and we may also be able to help you to identify other funding sources.

The first step is to read the Impact Fund Information Booklet and if you believe your project fits, contact Liz Harburg, our Community Engagement Advisor on or 0800 10 12 40. We encourage you to talk to Liz right from the beginning of your project as the Trust shares your commitment to the region’s tamariki and rangatahi and we view this fund as a partnership.

That’s great news! We are hoping that more projects that target tamariki and rangatahi come to the Trust.

If your project doesn’t fit within the 3 new funds, we encourage you to submit an application to our  Community Response Grants, either under $10,000 or over $10,000.

Groups are welcome to contact our Grants Manager, Sue Stewart or our Community Engagement Advisor, Liz Harburg on 0800 10 12 40 to discuss their project or event.

We suggest you read the following document to better understand Positive Youth Development in Aotearoa.

Capability Fund Questions

Absolutely! Under the capability fund, organisations can apply for funding for work that builds skills and capability of staff, management or governance. This fund may also cover projects that build the sustainability of the organisation as a whole.

Rangatahi-Led Fund Questions

We absolutely want to hear from our region’s tamariki and rangatahi! You can come to us with your idea at any time.

You will need to be supported by a not-for-profit organisation who can submit the application on your behalf and help you manage the project and money.

This might be a youth trust, a Marae or church or another community group.

You can contact Liz Harburg our Community Engagement Advisor on 0800 10 12 40, she would love to hear your idea and if you need, she might be able to help you find an organisation to support you.

More Information

For more information please contact one of the team, Community Engagement Advisor, Liz Harburg or our Grants Manager, Sue Stewart.


Liz Harburg 
Community Engagement Advisor
Phone: 0800 10 12 40

Sue Stewart

Sue Stewart
Grants Manager
Phone: 0800 10 12 40