What We Do Not Generally Fund

Otago Community Trust does not fund areas or items that are regarded by the Trust as primarily the responsibility of central and local government. However, our Trustees acknowledge that many community building projects and iconic projects can only be funded in partnership with central and local government.

General exclusions

  • Capital funds, endowments or debt retirement;
  • Retrospective funding for projects completed before the funding decision date;
  • Areas which are seen to be primarily the responsibility of central or local Government; 
  • External providers to deliver core curriculum programmes or resources into schools;
  • Feasibility studies, need analysis, project plan development, QS or architectural drawings for buildings;
  • Fundraisers and fundraising activity;
  • Individuals;
  • International travel for groups or individuals;
  • Legal costs;
  • Core operational expenses (i.e., salaries);
  • Overseas aid;
  • Projects seeking to promote religious or political objectives;
  • Uniforms for over 18 year olds.