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The Otago Community Trust is a philanthropic organisation which applies its Trust funds for charitable and other purposes which are of benefit to the community.

The Trust provides donations across the diverse sectors of art & culture, heritage, events, environment, education, sport and recreation and community activity and community wellbeing.

Since its beginning, the Trust has distributed in excess of $145 million to communities across Otago. You can find information about applying here.


Empowering Otago Communities 

Saving Flora & Fauna - Hollyford Conservation Project

The Otago Community Trust is pleased to have contributed towards the Hollyford Conservation Project, supporting the Hollyford Conservation Trust’s vision to rid this extraordinary area of the rats, stoats and possums in order to allow the forest to once again flourish and for the bird populations to increase.

In September 2014, the Otago Community Trust donated $90,000 to the Hollyford Conservation Trust – Te Roopu Manaaki o Whakatipu Waitai to assist with the installation, operation and maintenance of an extensive pest control project throughout a “sanctuary” of 2500 hectares at Martins Bay in the lower Hollyford Valley and the Hollyford National Park.

This donation enabled the Trust to begin ground work on its ecological project which saw an extensive trap and bait station network established over the stage one 900 hectare area. During stage one over 900 bait stations were interspersed across the network. Now that the full project area has been developed 2300 bait stations are in place. Monitoring carried out in late 2015 provided early indications that possums were now well under control in the initial first stage area. Over the course of two operations 52 possums were found dead next to bait stations – 47 in the first operation and only 5 in the second. Stoat and rat numbers are also on the decline.

The flora and fauna of the lower Hollyford Valley is unparalleled anywhere in New Zealand. There are an extensive range of habitats and ecosystems enmeshed in a small area. It is great to hear already anecdotal reports from Hollyford visitors that bird numbers appear to be on the increase. You can learn more about the Hollyford Conservation Project here



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The Otago Community Trust is delighted to report that its investment in assisting with the cost of an Outward Bound Scholarships for every secondary school in Otago has hit over $1M. Since 2002, the Otago Community Trust has sponsored, on an annual basis, partial scholarships for one student in each of the 25 participating secondary schools in Otago to attend Outward Bound.The partnership has seen over 650 students attend the Outward Bound Mind Body Soul course.

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National Volunteer Week (NVW) 2016 runs from 19 to 25 June. Here is to the cheese roll makers, local sport coaches and all the generous people who give up their time. The 2016 National Volunteer Week campaign is a call to action. Lack of time is the most commonly cited reason why people don’t volunteer, both in NZ and internationally.

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