How We Fund

Our Funding Framework is classified into the below categories:

Community Response Donations under $10k & over $10k

The Trust provides general donations to community organisations through our community response donations.

Funding will be prioritised for organisations / community groups which are working in areas that align with the Trust’s funding sectors and criteria and our strategic priorities.

Capital Project Donations over $50k

The Trust provides donations for large capital projects that are of benefit to Otago. The projects should align to our funding sectors and criteria and our strategic priorities.

These will be typically capital projects that are greater than $50,000.

Strategic Donations

The Trust continues to support our funding for change priority areas encouraging innovative change. We will seek opportunities to develop our strategic grant making such as introducing new funds like our Learning for Impact Fund supporting Otago schools.

Learn more about our Learning Impact Fund HERE

Partnership Donations

The Trust is interested in advancing strong strategic relationships and will seek opportunities to support discretionary multiyear donations.

This will be by invitation only.