Boundary Adjustment Proposal – Community Consultation

  • 30-Mar-19
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Community Trust South and Otago Community Trust are proposing an alteration to their common boundary, which is the northern boundary of Community Trust South.

This boundary adjustment will extend the Community Trust South area to include the portion of the Southland District up to Awarua Point in the north west and extend the area within Queenstown Lakes District to include the whole of the Queenstown Ward area. The proposed new boundary will follow the current District and Ward boundaries between Awarua Point and Roaring Meg Creek.  

Community Trust South and Otago Community Trust do not propose any transfer of funds between the two Trust’s in relation to the proposed boundary adjustment. 

The specified area of a Trust is the geographic area within which the Trust can make grants.  The specified areas of each Trust were set when the Trusts were established in 1988 and were reflective of the operating area of each of the predecessor Trustee Savings Banks at that time.

To better understand the proposed boundary adjustment please have a look at the maps here.


Community Consultation

We are currently consulting with the affected community and invite people to attend one of these public meetings to discuss the proposed boundary adjustment.  


5.30pm Tuesday 9 April

Fiordland Community Events Centre, 20 Luxmore Drive, Te Anau


12pm Wednesday 10 April

Glenorchy Community Hall, Mull Street, Glenorchy


Specified Area

If confirmed the specified area for Community Trust South would become all those areas of land described as follows:

Invercargill City

Gore District

Southland District, excepting the following :-

  • The part within Blocks V, XII and XII, Tautuku Survey District.
  • The part north-east of George Road and the un-named Road which forms the northern boundaries of Sections 3 and 2, Block XIV, Mokoreta Survey District, east of a line projected south from Trig EE (Mokoreta SD) and southeast of the ridgeline extending north eastward through Trig EE to its intersection with the Southland District boundary.
  • The part north of the northern boundaries of Blocks III, II, I and X Whitecombe Survey District and a right line between Trig I [Rocky Mount] and Lorn Peak.

Queenstown Ward within Queenstown Lakes District.

The part of Central Otago District south of a right line between Lorn Peak and Trig I [Rocky Mount]

The part of West Otago Ward of Clutha District which is:

  • South of a line formed by the south-western boundaries of Pt Run 609 and the middle line of the Pomahaka River where it adjoins the said Run to the south-east.  And west of a line described as – commencing at a point on the Rankle Burn at NZTM 1319150mE 4905174mN, thence north by right line to the south-west corner of Lot B DP 1845 (Otago), thence north-east and north along the south-eastern and eastern boundaries of Block XIV Crookston Survey District to the south eastern corner of Pt Section 8 of the said Block XIV, thence north-westerly by right line through Trig O in Block VI Crookston Survey District and the production of that line to its intersection with the northern boundary of Section 57 Block VI Benger Survey District. 

The parts of Clinton Ward of Clutha District which are:

  • North of a line described as, commencing at a point in the Waipahi River at NZTM 1301265mE 4882278mN thence by right line to a point on the northern boundary of Lot 2 DP 22284 (Otago) at NZTM 1303143mE 4882623mN, thence easterly and easterly along the northern boundary of the said Lot 2 to its eastern-most corner, thence north and south-easterly along the west and north-eastern boundaries of Section 19 Block XVI Waipahi Survey District and Lot 2 DP 332243 to its easternmost corner, thence by right line to a point on the centre line of Waipahi Station Road at NZTM 1308288mE 4880581mN, thence generally north-easterly along the centre line of the said Road to a point in line with the south-western boundary od Section 23 Block VI Waipahi Survey District, thence by right line to the south-western corner of Section 6 Block VI Waipahi Survey District, thence northerly and easterly along the western and northern boundaries of the said Section 6 to its north eastern corner, thence north-easterly by right line to a point on the Clinton Ward boundary at NZTM 1311957mE 4882767mN
  •  Within Blocks XIV and XV Waikawa Survey District.

If you have further queries with regard to this proposed boundary adjustment please contact:


Community Trust South 

Jackie Flutey

General Manager

03 218 2034


Otago Community Trust

Barbara Bridger

Chief Executive

0274 512 887



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