A slice of Shag Point history

  • 05-Apr-17
  • Funding Stories

The Otago Community Trust was pleased to provide a $1,200 donation to the Shag Point Residents Association in December 2015. This donation contributed to the Association’s project of publishing a book of the history of the Shag Point area, including the Shag Point Coal Mine and the history of the early mining days. Interviews with the last three remaining miners at Shag Point provided rich insight into the aspects of provincial life at the time. We love this photo of the three handsome miners who gave up their time to share this unique part of Otago’s history.  

Did you know? The Shag Point Coal Mine was in its time a place of legend. The mine used to go out under the Pacific ocean and miners could hear the throb of propellers as ships passed overhead. Shag Point was where the first bituminous coal was discovered in New Zealand.  Whalers used the coal to fire up their try pots. Coal was successfully mined until 1972, when flooding eventually closed the shafts.

The Otago Community Trust supports donations across a wide range of community sectors, heritage being one of these. We appreciate that Otago’s unique heritage will have positive effects for the community today as well as for future generations. Copies of the book are held at the National Archives, North Otago Museum and Palmerston Museum.




Grant secured for Roys Peak communication facility

  • 09-Apr-18
  • Media Release

The Otago Community Trust was pleased to provide a $66,500 grant to the Upper Clutha Radio Telephone Users Association (UCRTUA) in its first donation round for 2018. The Wanaka community group has been seeking funding to upgrade the communications facility on Roys Peak.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Funding Portal Now Closed

  • 18-Mar-18
  • Announcements

Our application portal is now closed and will remain closed until the 30th of April 2018 to ensure a smooth transition as we move to our new on-line system.

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Research base at Long Point a step closer with $50,000 grant

  • 28-Feb-18
  • Funding Stories

The Otago Community Trust was pleased to award a $50,000 grant to the Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust in November last year, to help establish a yellow-eyed penguin field research base at Long Point in the Catlins. The yellow-eyed penguin or hoiho is a penguin native to New Zealand. However, this native species is the world's most endangered penguin. Some researchers fear that the hoiho could be marching towards extinction by 2060.

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Life Education - Learning with Harold the Giraffe 

  • 28-Feb-18
  • Funding Stories

Life Education is a charity that educates and empowers children to make healthy choices so they can live full and healthy lives. Our Communications & Marketing Coordinator was luckily enough to have a sneak peek into the Coastal Otago Life Education mobile classroom last month during its visit to Maori Hill School in Dunedin and viewed first hand their amazing new 3G screen in their mobile classroom.

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Wharekai Re-development - Te Runanga o Moeraki

  • 20-Dec-17
  • Funding Stories

The Otago Community Trust was pleased to provide a $50,000 donation to Te Runanga o Moeraki in November of last year. Kaihautu Mary-Anne Tipa sent these wonderful photos in recently of the finished facilities.

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