Funding Application Tips

Top Tips

  • Attention to Detail
    All funding applications are different. Make sure you read the application form carefully and understand what is needed. Include all information requested & ensure it is current.
  • Check the Closing Date
    Plan ahead to ensure that you have all the information you require to submit a full application before the due date.
  • Check the Fund Criteria
    Make sure that your purpose and project fits within the funders criteria. If unsure ring and discuss your project with the funder.
  • Be Project Specific
    Assume the funders know nothing about you or your project. Answer these key questions: Why –Detail the purpose of project; What – Detail the steps to complete the project; Who – People involved; How – Methods to complete the project.
  • Outline Financial Position
    Provide an accurate and up to date outline of your current financial position.
  • Correct Contact Details
    The contact person on the application needs to be actually available to contact.
  • Keep a Copy
    Keep a copy of the application it will make it easier next time you apply.
  • Be Realistic
    Be realistic, be honest, and don’t rely on one funder to fund the whole project.