Privacy Policy

The way in which the Trust collects, uses and stores personal information is governed by the Privacy Act 1993. As part of your application to the Trust, staff may ask you to provide personal information about yourself, people in your organisation and others. You are not obliged by law to provide this, but failure to do so may mean that Trust staff are not able to process your application.

By proceeding with your application you authorise the Trust to collect personal information considered relevant to the application. You also authorise the Trust to disclose this information to other people to the extent considered necessary when assessing the merits of your application; this includes those with whom the Trust staff consult in connection with the application, such as referees and other funders. It includes Inland Revenue, the Charities Commission and Government agencies, and where we are required to make disclosure by law.

Trust staff may also disclose the information when publishing the results of approved donations.

The Trust may use the information for monitoring compliance with any donation should your application be successful, as well as for reference purposes when considering any future applications from you.

All personal information will be held at our offices. You may access this information by contacting us, and check and correct any errors in that information.