Learning Impact Fund

Learning Impact Fund


The Otago Community Trust has identified education of Otago’s young people as a priority area for funding and is pleased to advise that for the period 1 April 2017 to 31st March 2020 it will make available to the Otago Community Trust region’s schools a Learning Impact Fund.

The Learning Impact Fund supports projects that explore new practices, use existing practices in new ways and/or requires additional resources to enhance learning.  Improved educational outcomes for all students is the main objective of this fund.

The Learning Impact Fund will be delivered in two tranches, the

  • $ for $ Fund, and the
  • Innovation Fund

Both are available to schools for a three year period.

Fund Objectives

  •        Lift educational engagement and achievement of students;
  •        Increase retention rates of students in education;
  •        Develop flexible and responsive pathways for students;
  •        Reduce barriers for students especially those with special or high needs or those identified as at risk;
  •        Increase student participation in Sports and Cultural activities;
  •        Engage parents in student’s learning and connect families, Whanau and communities to school;
  •        Facilitate delivery of specific learning programmes not already funded through volunteer training and/or staff development;
  •        Purchase or replace resources and equipment (not funded by Government) where their acquisition will support an improved educational outcome;
  •        Encourage schools to work collaboratively.

Examples of funding that could be applied for

  •        Development and delivery of projects that address raising the educational achievement of a group of students;
  •        Support sharing resources between schools and/or between schools and community;
  •        Development of bespoke educational resources to enhance the quality of educational engagement of students;
  •        Professional development and training that support teachers, teacher aides and other staff/volunteers in their roles in         supporting students not funded by the Ministry of Education;
  •        Purchase of equipment and physical resources not currently funded by the Ministry of Education that supports the quality     delivery of education;
  •        Enhancing identified subject areas where students would benefit from extra support to lift achievement;
  •        Developing innovative pathways which improve rates of retention in education and awareness of career options.

$ for $ Fund

The Trust acknowledges all schools have students who have various learning needs and would like to support schools to address these.  The Trust is offering a $1 for $1 fund that supports schools to address the learning needs of their students.

To ensure all schools can access this opportunity the Otago Community Trust has allocated funding for the next three years, commencing 1 April 2017.  Each school will be allocated $50 per student based on July 2016 school roll, with a minimum allocation of $3,000 per school.

Schools must have available its 50% contribution at the time of application.  The total funding allocation does not need to be drawn down at any one time.

All applications will be assessed on the objectives as outlined previously.  All schools in the Otago Community Trust’s region are eligible to apply and should use the appropriate form, (available from the Trust).

Application Process and Timeline for the $ for $ Fund:

Applications made on the appropriate form (see below Smart Form;

  1.     A decision will be made and communicated to applicants within four weeks of receipt of application;
  2.     Project undertaken / funding uplifted;
  3.     Accountability report submitted.


Innovation Fund

Does your school have an innovative project which you are unable to fund through the $ for $ Fund that either:

  •          Addresses learning needs specific to your community;
  •          Involves more than one school or communities of learning;
  •          Is targeted to students with greater needs;
  •          Reduces barriers to education for students.

We want to hear from you!

Before you apply please submit a one page expression of interest.  This will enable the Otago Community Trust to understand your proposal before committing schools to completing a full application.  Any funding offered will be solely at the discretion of the Otago Community Trust Trustees.

Due dates for submitting an Expression of Interest are 31st March, 30th June or 30th Sept in either 2017, 2018 or 2019.

 Application Process and Timeline for the Innovation Fund:

  1.     Expressions of Interest (EOI) received;
  2.     Selected applicants invited to make an application for Innovation funding within 8 weeks of receipt of the EOI;
  3.     Application form received;
  4.     OCT Board considers the request and decides whether to offer a donation*;
  5.     An evaluation process is agreed upon;
  6.     Project undertaken / Funding uplifted;
  7.     Evaluation report submitted.

 *some applicants may be invited to present their proposal to the OCT Board at this time



What we do not fund:

  •        Core school activities & operational expenses (including salaries);
  •        Retrospective projects, repayment of debt & capital funds etc.

Want to know more?

For detailed information on the Learning Impact Fund or any other funding queries please contact our Donations Team on 0800 10 12 40 or email info@oct.org.nz